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CHOPE \chōp\ transitive verb (Singapore slang): To reserve a seat in a place to eat by placing a tissue packet on it.

About Chope

A colloquial word used in Singapore, to “chope” something is to reserve a spot with a tissue packet. But Chope is so much more: It’s dining made easy.

Discovery made easy

With over 13,000 restaurants listed on Chope, we'll get you from craving contentment. Our discovery platform gives you a plethora of dining options, where you're bougie or on a budget. Discover new restaurants, familiar favourites, hidden gems, neighbourhood haunts, and more.

Deals made easy

Food tastes better with a side of savings! Chope lets you save on what you crave with discounted restaurant deals. The next time you think of dining out, check with Chope to get in on dining vouchers, buy 1 get 1 free deals, off-peak discounts, set menu savings, and the like!

Order & Pay made easy

Some things are worth the wait, but you don’t have to do so standing up or waiting in line. Chope's Order & Pay solution at hawkers, fast food joints, and restaurants takes the chore out of the chow. Easily order food online and pick-up your meals on the Chope app.

Reservations made easy

Book a restaurant anytime, anywhere. Choose a restaurant, select a date and time, and you're good to go! View restaurant availability and include special requests too. Not only will you secure restaurant reservations, you'll earn Chope-Dollars after each fulfilled reservation. Grow your Chope-Dollars count and use them to redeem rewards as part of Chope's loyalty programme.

Where can I use Chope?

Chope is free to use and is available in seven cities: Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.


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