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About Chope-Dollars

About Chope-Dollars

Chope-Dollars are Chope’s way of rewarding our diners for reserving with us. To earn Chope-Dollars, you have to be signed in to your Chope account when you make reservations on our Chope app or website.

With Chope-Dollars, you can redeem exciting dining and lifestyle rewards under ChopePerks! Just follow our step-by-step guide here:

Chope-Dollars Guide

Chope-Dollars Redemption


The Chope-Dollars multiplier rewards you with more Chope-Dollars per fulfilled reservation. The higher your tier, the greater your multiplier effect, and the more Chope-Dollars you’ll earn!

Chope-Dollars Tiers

Chope-Dollars are only awarded when reservations fulfil the following criteria:

  1. 1. Reservations were made via the Chope website or app.
  2. 2. The diner was logged into their Chope account when the reservation was made.
  3. 3. The diner turned up for the reservation!

Please note that for Chope-Dollars to be awarded for a reservation, the diner must make known to the restaurant that they have a reservation using Chope. In cases where restaurants dispute whether a diner has turned up, the diner will be required to provide a proof of dining in the form of a time and date-stamped receipt. Should neither parties be able to verify the genuinity of the reservation, Chope will make the final call for the reinstation of the reservation.

All inquiries regarding Chope-Dollars assigned to a reservation must be submitted via email to our customer support team within 14 working days from the reservation date in order to be considered for a review by Chope. To expedite the process, please attach a proof of dining (i.e. receipts) in the email.
Chope-Dollars issued for reservations made in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali, Phuket and Bangkok can be redeemed for rewards in any of these cities.

Chope-Dollars issued for reservations in Shanghai and Beijing can be redeemed for rewards in either of the cities.

For Chope Shanghai-registered users, kindly reach out to for assistance if you would like to redeem your Chope-Dollars for other Chope cities’ rewards. For Chope users visiting Shanghai from other Chope cities, kindly reach out to for assistance in redeeming for Shanghai vouchers.

Please note that the restaurants do not accept vouchers from ChopeDeals on the eve of and on Public Holidays and special occasions (i.e. Valentine’s Day).
Yes. Chope-Dollars expire according to the dates they're earned. You may refer to the timeline below for a full breakdown of the Chope-Dollars expiration logic. Otherwise, you may view a summary table of your Chope-Dollars and their corresponding expiry dates here.
All users will earn a base amount of 50 Chope-Dollars per reservation when they first start booking with Chope. As you go up the tiers, the multiplier will kick in to give you more Chope-Dollars for each reservation*. The higher your tier, the higher your multiplier.

For example, if your tier jumps from Silver to Gold and your multiplier increases from 2 to 3x, every reservation you make as a Gold user will give you 150 C$ (3 x 50 C$) compared to 100 C$ as a Silver user.

*Reservations must be made via the Chope app or

Redemption is easy! Simply:

    1. Download the Chope app here.
    2. Under the Profile tab, select “Chope-Dollars Balance” and scroll down to view all rewards. Tap to redeem your preferred reward.
    3. Your restaurant dining vouchers/Discount Code will be emailed to you instantly. For Krisflyer redemption, KrisFlyer miles will be credited to the diner's KrisFlyer account within 15 working days.

Find out more about Chope-Dollars redemption here.

Want to find out more? ChopePerks has all the answers you’re looking for.

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